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What: Arts Outreach Studio Visit with Eric Stein
Date: Thursday, May 23 at 6PM
Location: 84 Box Baum Road
Huguenot, New York 12746
More info: Info@ocartscouncil.org

Admission is free, but donations are graciously accepted

The public is invited to join the Arts Outreach Committee in Studio Visits throughout Orange County. The Arts Outreach Studio Visits provide valuable dialogue for the hosting artist and visiting Arts Outreach Committee members. During the Studio Visits, the Orange County Arts Council’s Arts Outreach Committee asks a series of questions about inspiration, influences, process, artist audiences, and meaning in their art. The Orange County Arts Council believes these visits will be educational, enhance cultural awareness and allow artists to present their work and process directly to committee members.

There will be a minimum of six scheduled Studio Visits per year led by the committee which meets quarterly to discuss the arts and cultural needs in their communities. The Arts Outreach committee is comprised of 20 artists from different areas within the county, as well as with diverse backgrounds in all the arts. For more information, please e-mail info@ocartscouncil.org.

More About the Artist:
Eric Stein is an internationally known artist residing in the Hudson Valley, New York and working predominately in fabricated steel. His sculptures can be found in a number of sculpture parks and private collections.

Artist Statement:
My work is about and derived from energy. An expected or present explosion or an interpretation of an idea and occasionally a historic event. My sculpture generally grows from a specific point of interest and pushes me to expand upon first reactions and dig deeper into getting the viewer to stop and re-think either their position or understanding. Being in the moment to allow for one’s own explorations and reactions to happen. My sculpture may take a single idea, sometimes referenced in the title and freeze it for further consideration. The work may confront us with a specific action or intended movement. I often use a specific element, a building block, that I call a pixel. From computer technology, the “pixel”, is enlarged to monumental dimension and groupings illustrate the action or movement. Works that do not have specific pixels, they will have an equivalent, maybe a wedge element. For most of the outdoor works, the individual pixels are fabricated from 10”x10” or larger steel tubing. The steel tubing may be further integrated with conventional structural steel sections, actual parts or “souvenirs” from previous construction or custom cut steel forms if need be in order to form the final sculptural expression. In the case of specific locations and commissions, the existing environment, the identities that surround and stimulate the creation of the sculpture are coordinated into the design. In order to design the best work of each site, I personally visit the site, take additional measurements and photograph the area. Additionally, discussions and interviews with both representatives of the commission and local citizens are collected. After collecting the data, I create a scale model of one or two options to present to a selection committee for further input.

Collectors and patrons can have an existing model fabricated or can commission a site-specific work designed and erected. All inquires are welcome. ericsteinart@gmail.com