Who we are

The Orange County Arts Council is a private, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to meeting the growing need for local arts advocacy and serving as a county-wide arts resource. A diverse Board of Directors made up of community leaders, business leaders, arts enthusiasts, and professional artists oversees the Orange County Arts Council. Many of our programs are designed and implemented by volunteers serving on various committees.

Mission & Vision

We help build a community that celebrates artistic diversity and inspires creative participation.

Our mission is to champion the arts, connect artists with audiences, and foster the growth of the county’s creative resources.

Our Staff

SARAH MCKAYExecutive Director
Gretchen Weerheim
Nora Martinez
Nora MartinezSpecial Events Coordinator


  • Executive Committee

    Stuart Sachs, President
    Anthony Davidowitz, Vice-President
    Janet Howard-Fatta, Vice-President
    Michelle Figliomeni, Secretary
    Kate Maloney, Treasurer
    Margaret Coughlin, M.D.
    Gary Gogerty
    Gary Schuster, General Counsel

  • Directors

    Vivien Collens
    Barry Lewis
    Regina McGrade
    William O’Keeffe
    Eric Ossentjuk
    Dion Placencia
    Marsha Talbot


  • David Church, Orange County Commissioner of Planning
  • Nancy Proyect, Orange County Citizens Foundation President

2019 Committees and Task Forces

  • Art Awards

    June Cosgrove-Hays, Margaret Coughlin, Bobby Curreri, Annie Ducham, Janet Howard-Fatta, Tracy Malloy-Curtis, William O’Keeffe, Marsha Talbot

    Arts Outreach

    Hannah Brooks, Co-Chair

    Janet Howard-Fatta, Co-Chair

    Gloria Bonelli, Vernon Byron, Bobby Curreri, Leslie Fandrich, Dawn Liberi, Amanda Light, Susan Miiller, Rebecca Pry, Stuart Sachs, Bill Schill, Jonathan Talbot, Marsha Talbot, Chris Van Vooren


    Michael Pacer, Chair

  • Gina Dianis, Derek Diaz, Priscilla Holden, Mark Strunsky, Gretchen Weerheim


    Michelle Figliomeni

  • Kathryn Maloney

    Fiscal Sponsorship

    Eric Ossentjuk, Chair

  • Bobby Curreri, Gary Schuster


    Mark Carranceja, Anthony Davidowitz, Roland Figueredo, Erica Gatsik

    Members Exhibit

    Hannah Brooks, Margaret Coughlin, Janet Howard-Fatta, William O’Keeffe, Stuart Sachs


    Margaret Coughlin

    Strategic Priorities

    Anthony Davidowitz, Chair

    Mark Carranceja, Vivien Collens, Michelle Figliomeni, Janet Howard-Fatta, Gary Gogerty, Lydia Kontos, Tracy Malloy-Curtis, Kathryn Maloney, Stuart Sachs, Gary Schuster

    Ten Minute Play Fest

    Gloria Bonelli, Paul Ellis, Barry Plaxen


    Gloria Bonelli, Annie Ducham, Emily Dykeman, Amy Hannum, Joanne Kelly, Peter Kopher, Michelle McKnight, Bonnie Neucall, Barry Plaxen, Bill Schill, Gina Whalen