Deadline: April 7th, 2021

Each year, the Orange County Arts Council recognizes champions of the arts and who are honored at the Annual Gala – The Art Affair. This year, the Arts Council has created a hybrid gala format allowing for both virtual and in person participation. The live in-person event “Night Song” will be on Thursday, November 4 at 6:00 pm at West Hills County Club. It will feature inspirational musical voices of the night and magical artist-created installations in a safe, ventilated and heated outdoor ballroom. The virtual program will feature entertainment, the honoree ceremony, raffles and prizes.

In past years, OCAC has selected honorees who have made outstanding contributions to the arts in our county. This year, we’re extending to you an invitation to help us select OCAC’s 2021 honorees. On the form, you’ll see a questionnaire asking you to provide a name of an Orange County citizen who has demonstrated a commitment to improving the quality of life through the arts, their contributions to the arts and their leadership in the community.

The annual gala provides an opportunity to recognize and celebrate these honorees publicly, provides awareness of the importance of the arts to our greater Orange County Community, and serves as one of the key fundraising initiatives that help make our programs and services accessible.

The Orange County Arts Council is a private, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to meeting the growing need for local arts advocacy and serving as a county-wide arts resource. A diverse Board of Directors made up of community leaders, business leaders, arts enthusiasts, and professional artists oversees the Orange County Arts Council. Many of our programs are designed and implemented by volunteers serving on various committees.

Mission & Vision

We help build a community that celebrates artistic diversity and inspires creative participation.

Our mission is to champion the arts, connect artists with audiences, and foster the growth of the county’s creative resources.