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Gabriela Galván’s We Series is part of an ongoing work by Galván exploring the intersection of nature and the urban condition in Newburgh, NY. Through minimal interventions to the landscape which frame and re-contextualize the ground, Galván directs our consciousness to our surroundings, asking us to tread with awareness for what lies below our feet both physically and metaphorically. 

For her 1x1x1 installation, Galván transposes a piece of public park onto a plush bed covering at full scale, an invitation for visitors to cover themselves in a blanket of grass within the Gallery. In We No.1, the physical object embodies a virtual plot of land. We reflects our own complicated entanglement with the earth. In our engagement with We—laying below its surface, sitting upon it, carrying it with us—we may find it is not only the ground which has been displaced.


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