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Do you really need that many color pencils?
Are you really going to use all of that yarn?
Let’s be honest, you’re not actually going to use all of those blank sketchbooks…

…on the other hand, maybe your color pencils are worn down to nubs.
Maybe you could use some (or all) of that yarn to finish a project.
And who doesn’t like a fresh sketchbook?

That’s why Highlands Arts Alliance will be hosting an Art Supply Swap for artists and makers!

The swap is a great way to unload unused and unwanted supplies that could be utilized by other creators! Trade markers, swap paint colors, or just giveaway all of those extra knitting needles or paintbrushes! Attendees can just bring what they can carry or register for individual table space (see info below).

It’s also a great way to network with other artists and makers!

The event is FREE to attend and open to all artists, makers, and the curious!

TABLES: HAA will have some table space available at the venue if you have only a few supplies you’d like to bring.
However, if you have a substantial amount and/or would like 
to set-up a table of your own (max. 6 feet in length), there is a $25 registration fee per table.
Artists, makers and other arts or community groups are welcome to register for table space. Please visit https://www.highlandsartsalliance.org/artsupplyswap to register.

Registration fees benefit both HAA and the HF American Legion.

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