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Woodbury Public Library is pleased to offer a new Virtual Gallery for the public’s enjoyment with featured artist Troy Anthony McConico. His show, “Finding More”, may be viewed on the Woodbury Public Library website throughout the months of July and August.

Information about the Artist: Tony McConico is a 15-year resident of the Hudson Valley and graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts. He works primarily through the mediums of photography and painting. When painting, he emphasizes strong forms with wild strikes between clean edges and thematic color arrangements throughout. When taking photos, he searches for a variety of “Readymade” abstract compositions based on close-up shots of eroded surfaces or other interesting arrangements found in nature and in urban environments. [Work pictured: Fire Island Nebula (T.A. McConico)]

Questions concerning the exhibit may be addressed to Anita B, Adult Services at wpladsvcs@rcls.org