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Free to representatives of Orange County, NY Arts Organizations including staff, board members, volunteers, and committee members.

To register, email: Connect@ocartscouncil.org

Workshop Schedule:

Fall: Friday, September 3rd 3pm-5pm

Principles of Equity 

In this workshop, participants learn about inequity by further exploring data from multiple systems. The workshop addresses the impact of systemic inequity and racism and introduces ways the workplace can work towards addressing some of those inequities. Participants will also engage in conversations about being anti-racist, and their individual role in working toward achieving racial equity.


Winter: Thursday, December 2nd 4-6pm

Understanding Privilege and Bias: A Practical Look at Our Identities and our Biases

In this workshop, participants develop a common understanding of implicit and explicit bias, and explore their privileges based on their identities. The workshop explores different types of biases and challenges participants to consider their own identities and biases and the potential impact in their interactions with others.


Presented by Orange County Arts Council in partnership with Orange County Human Rights Commission. Made possible by Orange & Rockland.