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The need to support the arts is more crucial now than ever before. Due to challenges of Covid-19, Orange County Arts Council has faced significant loss of funding and resources, including the loss of government funding.

We also want to provide an opportunity to benefit artists directly during these challenging times. In order to accomplish this, we invite you to participate in Orange County Arts Council’s first online arts auction. 50% of proceeds will benefit Orange County Arts Council, while 50% commission will go towards the artists whose work is sold.

Please direct questions to info@ocartscouncil.org


July 30: Submissions open

August 15: Submissions close

August 24: Artists notified of selections made
Preview of selected works available for display on Orange County Arts Council’s website

September 1: “Together For Art” Auction live bidding begins

September 10: Auction closes

September 14-17: Purchased pieces are dropped off by artists to Orange County Arts Council at CoLab 45 St John St Goshen, NY 10924

September 18-20: Winners pick-up art work/ opt to have shipped (for a fee)

September 21-October: Checks mailed to artists


1. Artists may submit up to three pieces of art work to be considered. A panel will be reviewing submissions.
2. Submitting artists must live/work or have community ties to Orange County, NY
3. All pieces must be signed
4. Art work must be no more than 45 lbs and no larger than 4′ X 4′ (must fit in a car)
5. Proceeds from the Auction will be split 50% to benefit OCAC and 50% to artist in the form of a check
6. Images of art work must be 1000 max long side at 72 dpi (jpg or png)
7. Artists are responsible for declaring any revenue from sales
8. Tax will be added to the sale amount
9. By submitting your art work to be included in the Art Auction, the artist agrees that images of art work may be shared by Orange County Arts Council to promote this Auction
10. Artists will be responsible for dropping off purchased art work to Orange County Arts Council within one week of the sale if customers opt for local pick-up
11. Artists will be responsible for shipping their own work within one week of purchase if customer opts for shipping & handling (The customer will pay shipping fee)

Participating artists are asked to promote the “Together for Art” Auction within their mailing lists and on social media

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Does my art have to be framed?

No, but we do ask that you indicate whether or not it is being sold framed in the form below.

2. Can I submit 3D pieces?

Yes, but it does need to meet the size and weight requirements listed above

3. Can I change my pricing after I submit my work?

No, we will only take information that you provide through the form below. Please make sure to give thought to your starting bid price (remember that 50% will go to OCAC)

4. Can I also bid on other’s art work in the auction?

YES! We hope to see many appreciative art collectors such as yourself participate as well.

5. Can I use a fake name/artist name to post on the website?

Sorry, not this time. Please use the name that checks will be written out to.

6. If I am away/on vacation during the drop-off days, can someone else drop off my work?

YES, please email us if you have designated someone else to handle your artwork

7. My piece is very fragile and includes glass components, can I still submit?

Most likely no. The “shipability” of your piece will be considered when the panel selects pieces. Please submit art work that can be easily transported and shipped if necessary.

8. My friend is an artist, but they live outside of Orange County. Can they still submit?

YES, if they have a reasonable “tie” to Orange County. (i.e. they are members of Orange County Arts Council, they have participated in exhibitions in the area, they are involved with the Orange County community)

9. I have special requirements that I want to include with selling my piece (“I want to have the patron allow me to borrow my work back to include in exhibitions, etc.”) Can I add a note with special requirements for people who purchase?

Sorry, not with this auction. Once the sale is completed and the piece is handed over to the patron, Orange County Arts Council will not ask the patron for special considerations. All sales will be final.

10. How will I know if my work has been selected?

You will be sent an email with the status of your submission after the panel has reviewed.

11. How should I price my work?

That is up to you! We have some online resources that we can direct you to if you e-mail us.


We appreciate your support!