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Holland Tunnel Gallery presents works by Toronto based painter Judy Singer and Newburgh multi-disciplinary artist Judy Thomas.

Singer and Thomas approach color and expression from different generational perspectives and material practices, the juxtaposition of which results in a spirited dialogue between the two artists’ work about color, line, form and meaning.

Judy Singer’s abstract paintings are brilliantly rich in color and mark making.  The spontaneous mixing of paint directly on the canvas speak to her history as an abstract expressionist and color field painter.  Confident and creative, these works show a masterful handling of her medium, inviting the viewer to experience the raw power of emotion that these paintings evoke.

Judy Thomas transforms simple modern materials into tendril-like shapes that unfurl and intertwine into a weird curvilinear space, suggesting a Dr. Seussian world of ribbons or musical notes.  The play of light and shadow, real and implied volume and high key color that Thomas practices in her work evokes a sense of wit and wonder.  Underlying the playful nature of her work is an investigation into the formal elements of color, line and form through a 21st century lens.

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