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Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camp

Wednesday, July 13th – Newburgh (ages 12-16) 10am-12pm- ” Found Poetry” workshop

Free Youth Arts Class

We invite families and children to join Orange County Arts Council at the the Newburgh Free Library as we develop our creative skills!

Please make sure that this class is age appropriate for your child.

About this class:

Found Poems are poems that use an existing piece of writing created by someone else, directly borrowing words and phrases, rearranging them to create a new poem.

Collages are a form of art in which various materials not normally associated with one another, such as photographs and pieces of newspaper or fabric, are arranged and stuck to a backing.

How is the process of writing poetry similar to that of making a collage?


Materials are provided. Registration in required. Space is limited an we anticipate classes filling quickly. Please see additional guidelines and policies on our website.

Meet the teacher:

ANUSHA MEHAR left the womb musing in poetic tongues. She is a seasoned Storyteller with 10+ years of experience working as an Educator, Cultural Organizer, Poet, Performer, and Leader in the non-profit sector. Her experience is rooted in working both locally and internationally with youth, women, immigrants, and other underserved populations to shift narrative through multi-media & movement trainings, restorative justice circles, mindfulness workshops, and public art interventions. She holds a BA from CUNY Hunter in Spanish Language Arts and Literature, marrying her loves of art, history, and storytelling—passions that have excited her since she was old enough to read. She employs these skills as the Creatrix of PANJA, a culture + wellness studio with a holistic approach to harmonizing mind, body, and spirit medicine. From the PANJA HQ, she spearheads interdisciplinary programming and operates her somatics studio, focused on reframing how we hold story in the body. Her mantra is “Liberation > Everything,” and she strives to be a part of the solution in all of her endeavors. Find more about Anusha’s work at panjaculture.com.

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