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“Game On,” a much-anticipated summer exhibition, promises to redefine the experience of art by inviting attendees to play, engage, and explore through a diverse array of interactive artworks. From July 18 to August 25, “Game On” brings together a select group of visionary artists who specialize in creating gamified immersive experiences that center playfulness. From digital installations to hands-on sculptures, each piece offers a unique perspective on the intersection of art, technology and interactivity.

The heart of the exhibition is an installation by Lucid Dream Minigolf – a collective of artists collaborating on a narrative-driven creative mini golf experience. Their featured project, “In Search of Lost Time,” offers an existential journey via an immersive storytelling experience using the medium of minigolf as interactive art. Lucid Dream Minigolf’s aesthetic combines humor and depth to draw players into a metaphorical world that explores the experience of feeling “behind” or “delayed” in one’s life. The resulting experience blurs the boundaries between the silly and the sentimental, the whimsical and the deep, and aims to leave players feeling more connected to themselves and others.

With “Game On,” we aim to showcase the transformative power of art when viewers are allowed to be active participants in the creative process. Whether navigating through virtual landscapes, manipulating light and sound, or collaborating with fellow participants in real-time games and experiences, each artwork in the exhibition offers an opportunity for personal exploration, self-expression, and joyful discovery.

Get lost in the experience and rediscover yourself; this is “Game On.”

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 18, 6-8PM
Artists: Lucid Dream Mini Golf, Suzan Shutan, Freedom Baird,
Lynn Herring, Lake Heckaman, Clementine Williams, Dustin
Schenk, ArtPod Collective, Stefan Saffer, Yin Mei, and others.

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