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Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camp

Monday, July 18th – Newburgh (ages 5-8) – ” Jazzy Kids Workshop”

Free Youth Arts Class

We invite families and children to join Orange County Arts Council at the the Newburgh Library in Newburgh, NY as we develop our creative skills!

Please make sure that this class is age appropriate for your child.

Materials are provided. Registration in required. Space is limited an we anticipate classes filling quickly. Please see additional guidelines and policies on our website.


The Music presented in this program will consist of traditional children’s songs from around the world and Jazz, presented in an age-appropriate interactive way.

This will afford exposure to music children might not otherwise be familiar with. We will learn “Suzume Odori”, a Japanese song about a bird, design fans from paper plates for our wings and dance and drum to this song. Children will travel from Chicago to LA on “Route 66” and partner with a friend on “Inanay” (an Australian song from the Straight Torres Islands). Activities with percussion instruments such as rhythm sticks or egg shakers help kids with rhythm development. A song like “So Danço Samba” invites children to contribute their own ideas. A song everybody knows like “Frére Jaques” can be used to deepen part/round and harmony singing or singing on an ostinato.

Gabriele Tranchina is musically at home in many styles. With a strong background in jazz, she moves between Jazz, Latin and World Fusion, making her a perfect crossover artist.

Gabriele has her roots in Germany, where she was born, but her love for other cultures inspired her extended travels throughout Europe and Asia.

These experiences bring a unique sensibility to her work, matching her one-of-a-kind voice. Settling in New York, Ms. Tranchina took advantage of its multi-cultural environment, giving her further inspiration for her work as an artist.

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