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19th century English painter John Constable, born and raised in the Suffolk countryside northeast of London, primarily painted landscapes. He made countless open-air sketches, mastering the observational study of trees and clouds which he later used as a basis for his large exhibition paintings, which were worked up in the studio. Constable developed a personal style that combined his observational nature studies with a personal vision of the countryside that surrounded his boyhood home. Proclaiming “I should paint my own places best,” he often focused on the humbler scenes of cultivated land and agricultural labor known to him since his youth. While most landscape painters of his era traveled extensively in search of ‘the perfect landscape, Constable never left England. Today his name is so closely associated with his native Stour Valley that the area is sometimes referred to as “Constable country.” Please join us as we explore the serene delights of John Constable’s landscapes.

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