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Dean Goldberg’s “Kristallnacht” photo exhibit looks at the sins of the past in his “Framing History” series.

Newburgh, NY

Dean Goldberg’s art installation, “Kristallnacht,” is the first in a series of historical photo-narratives; true events that reflect the myriad portrayals of human injustice and hate. Opening on Sunday, May 22nd at the Jewish Community Center in Newburgh, NY. “Kristallnacht” tells the story of two lovers who grew up together in a little village outside of Munich and are now forced by history to go their separate ways —one to kill and the other to be killed.


As a photographer and former film director, Goldberg uses his skills to first create the scenes in his studio, with “actors,” artifacts, and a number of props. In “Kristallnacht” he imagines a forbidden Café, tucked in the dark alleyway between reality and imagination. Just three in the scene; the two lovers and a young Jewish woman singing behind a microphone, her yellow star pinned tightly to her dress.


Goldberg’s installation includes life size photos, props from the “Café” and location shoot, plus a video that brings to the screen those terrible days in that begun in 1938.


It took Professor Goldberg three years to make Kristallnacht a reality but with the support and generosity of the Moreh Fund and help from the Joint Planning Committee at Kol Yisrael, the exhibit will be open for three weeks, from May 22nd to June 10th.

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