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Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camp

Monday, July 25th – Middletown (ages 8-12) – “Mini Comics with artist Mark Tourtellott”

Free Youth Arts Class

We invite families and children to join Orange County Arts Council ath the Mulberry House Senior Center in Middletown, NY as we develop mini comics.

Please make sure that this class is age appropriate for your child.

Materials are provided. Registration in required. Space is limited an we anticipate classes filling quickly. Please see additional guidelines and policies on our website.

Mini Comics

Comics speak to students in a way they understand and identify with. Even after students learn to be strong readers comics give students the opportunity to read material which combines images with text to express satire, symbolism, point of view, drama, puns and humor in ways not possible with text alone. Students are invited to join in the fun and learn new creative skills alog the way.

Meet the art teacher: Mark Tourtellott

Mark is a Design Thinker, Creative Artist, Educator & Consultant.

Mark is currently working as co Director of Technology for SIMIODE.org a STEM focused Math Education project and independently as a Creative Studio and Technology Consultancy.

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