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Marcus Jade

Friday, June 24th 12:30pm

Join us LIVE in person at CoLAB, Goshen

$10 Admission (Space limited, registration required)


LIVE on Facebook

($5 suggested donation)

Marcus Jade is a blues musician, songwriter, and poet. Born in Indiana, he cut his teeth on Nirvana records and began learning guitar at age 14. Around that time, he was also drawn into Indianapolis’s eclectic DIY art and music scene, frequenting house shows and underground venues. His appreciation of a wide variety of music allowed him to gather inspiration from many genres, such as Hip Hop, Metal and Punk, before settling into his own unique style of ragged, heart-wrenching blues-folk.

Orange County Arts Council’s music committee, composed of professional musicians throughout the region, have developed a creative solution to support musicians. O.C. Live offers musicians the opportunity to directly connect with audiences and provides our community with enriching local performances. Now hybrid, audiences can attend in person or tune in to Orange County Arts Council’s Social media to listen to local musicians. The audience is able to learn and connect with musicians during interviews conducted during the intermission. Broadcast live from Stonegate Farms in Newburgh and from CoLAB in Goshen, the pilot program has had approximately 2000 viewers. The Orange County Arts Council music committee includes Dion Placencia, Neil Alexander, Everett Collie, E’Lisa Jones, Tom Kennedy, and Waylen Roache.

Learn more about the musician: http://marcusjade.com/about-1