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Join Orange County Arts Council as we invite Cekis, Mural Artist; Jamie Perrow, co-founder of Urban Art Projects and Aliza Schiff of VIA Partnership to share their professional experience and insights regarding the future of public art. This panel discussion will be facilitated by Martin Dominguez Ball and will explore such topics as:
  • How has the role of public art shifted?
  • What might the future hold for public art?
  • How has the industry adapted to current times?
  • How does public art shape the tapestry of our culture?
  • How can artists engage with the public art industry?
  • What advice do panelists have for artists to take initial steps in pursuing public art?
  • How can the community support public art?

With so much uncertainty in the arts world today, this timely conversation will touch on many significant topics surrounding public art including how public art has been affected through the current economic, cultural and social climate as well as how the industry is finding solutions through the challenges of Covid19. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions through the group chat box available on Zoom.

This program is presented in partnership with Grit Works.

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Nelson Cekis, Mural Artist

Cekis career as a visual artist began within the streets of his native Santiago, Chile. He was deeply  inspired by New York’s graffiti culture and the mural movement from the 70’s and 80’s in Santiago.   By the mid/late 90’s his artwork was at the helm of a new generation of artists from the streets of  South America. His murals transcended communities, and helped to create a new popular appeal for street culture in Chile.  Cekis moved to NYC in 2004, since then his studio-work and large scale public murals maintain a visual evidence of his Latin American and Graffiti roots while communicating to a universal language of the human experience, through the use of a vibrant and unique palette of colors.  Cekis has participated in numerous public mural projects locally, throughout the United States, and internationally. He has been included in the list of The 50 Most Influential Street Artists of All Time, by Complex Media (2013).

Jamie Perrow, Panelist, UAP

As the Co-Creative Director of UAP, Jamie has worked on a significant array of projects, collaborating with local and international emerging and established artists, architects and designers. He has worked globally on projects in Australia, USA, Saudi Arabia and China and frequently works across UAP’s international offices. Jamie’s belief that fine art fabrication is an artform in and of itself, coupled with his excellent collaborative and consultative approach, allows him to work closely and efficiently with UAP’s clients and partners. His extensive experience has seen him work with artists such as Kehinde Wiley, KAWS, Ai Weiwei, Sui Jian Guo, Ned Kahn, Nike Savvas, Arne Quinze, Florentijn Hofman, Phillip K. Smith III,  and Lindy Lee as well as influential architectural studios such as Snohetta, KPF, Zaha Hadid Design, Gehry Partners and HBA to deliver smaller scale editioned work, as well as large-scale installations and built forms.


Aliza Schiff, Panelist, VIA Partnership:

Aliza Schiff is a public art project manager and planner with extensive experience working with communities to commission and plan award winning public art. She has a strong background in developing and growing municipal-community partnerships and a special interest in the ways that public art programs and projects can address the needs of underserved residents. She has been with Via Partnership since 2009, contributing to public art strategies and master plans, as well as to artist selection and commission management projects. She brings a deep understanding of the complexity of civic processes as they relate to commissioning and planning for public art. Previously, she was a public art project manager for Arlington, Virginia’s nationally-recognized public art program, developing and managing new commissions with national and local artists, planning future public art opportunities, working with private developers commissioning projects through the site plan process, and overseeing conservation of the County’s 70+ piece public art collection.


Patricia Walsh  – Panelist, Public Art and Civic Design Senior Program Manager, Americans for the Arts

Patricia works to empower public art administrators, artists, placemakers, and professionals in the design, planning, transportation, and land use fields to implement public art projects and practices into the built environment.  She oversees locally focused public art, creative placemaking and cultural districts work to support artists and arts-based practices to address community needs and goals. She developed the Public Art & Civic Design Conference and moderates the 1,000+ membership-based Public Art Network. She designed the Public Art Resource Center, an online portal to increase access to tools, resources, and opportunities for making public art happen in communities. She develops strategies to engage allied fields to cultivate policy and practice that supports public art in the built environment across the country. Currently, Patricia manages partnerships with Smart Growth America/Transportation for America, National Consortium for Creative Placemaking, is the Treasurer for the Arts and Planning Interest Group Steering Committee for American Planning Association, and the incoming co-chair for the Washington District Council on Placemaking for Urban Land Institute.

Martin Dominguez Ball – Facilitator

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Martin Dominguez Ball moved to New York in the mid-1980s. He is a multidisciplinary artist with a BFA in graphic design and a MFA in interdisciplinary arts. A prolific creator, Martin’s paintings, drawings and sculptures have been well received in galleries in New York City and beyond. Additionally, he is a filmmaker, musician, the founder of O Street Design, and a professor at Fordham University and St. John’s University.


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