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Join Project Shakespeare Workshop for a celebration of the Summer Solstice with an acting workshop at The Book & Nook. This workshop is perfect for grades 6-12.

Just two hours from planning to production!
5:00-7:00pm – planning and rehearsal
7:00-7:30pm – performance for friends and family

Participant fee is $25, but audience attendance is FREE to watch the performance.

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For too long, kids were introduced to William Shakespeare by being forced to read his works in school. Often times, the elements that make Shakespeare great…. the adventure, the laughter, the tears, and the timelessness…. were left to the side, forcing the students to wade through unfamiliar language and stories while they prayed for it to be over.

Project Shakespeare Workshops tasks kids with a challenge: design and present a famous scene from Shakespeare… before time runs out!

The program is designed to give kids a positive experience performing Shakespeare!

After a crash course in how to read, understand, and speak Shakespeare’s language, kids will work together as a group to choose costumes and props, cast and rehearse a scene from one of Shakespeare’s works, and finally, perform it! Participants are encouraged to bring their own vision and interpretations to their characters and scene and make it truly theirs.

This fun and interactive workshop promotes teamwork, positivity, and responsibility ‚ÄĒ making it the perfect introduction to Shakespeare!

Visit www.thebookandnookwarwick.com/events to register and to learn more.

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