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Precocious, gifted, and  

successful from a very young  

age; Rosa Bonheur exhibited at  

the 19th Century Paris Salon for  

the first time at the age of 19  

and received several medals for her work. Bonheur was trained by her  father, a landscape painter – but it was her love for animals, especially  horses, that provided inspiration for her art. ‘The Horse Fair’ (1853, now at  the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC), depicted the Parisian horse  market, and received triumphant acclaim at the Paris Salon. Rosa Bonheur  lived unconventionally – she wore her hair short, smoked, and kept a small  menagerie of animals in her chateau. She became the first female artist to be  awarded the Legion of Honor and then later, the first female to become an  Officer of the Legion of Honor. Bonheur served, and continues to serve, as  a role model for generations of women artists. Please join us as we explore  the unconventional life of the wealthiest, most famous female artist of 19th-century France – whose talent was more than equal to her accolades, as well  as her contemporary male painters. 

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