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Join Instructor Laura Nicholls on a Journey through the life of Lee Miller.

Elizabeth “Lee” Miller (Lady Penrose) was an American fashion model, photographer, photojournalist, and master chef born right here in the Hudson Valley. Miller once spoke of a “restlessness” that defined her career. Beginning her artistic journey, she was ‘discovered’ in New York City by magazine publisher Conde Nast – and had a short, but lucrative fashion modeling career. Miller was introduced to photography at a young age – by her father – and often served as his model as well assistant. While in NYC, Miller met master photographer Edward Steichen, who encouraged her to go to Paris and become a studio assistant to Surrealist artist Man-Ray. During
her three-year Parisian sojourn w/Man Ray, Miller met modernists Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali – among others – who influenced her artistic approach to ‘taking pictures.’ With the onset of war in Europe, Miller was encouraged to become a photojournalist – and it is from this phase that some of her most memorable photos were published. In the late ’40’s, and after witnessing – and photographing – some of the horrific atrocities during and after the European campaigns, Miller ‘retired’ to the peaceful English countryside with her second husband, surrealist artist Sir Roland Penrose. It was here that Lee Miller began her third, and final career – as a Master Chef. In order ‘to forget,’ Miller boxed up thousands of previously taken photos and negatives…only to be discovered in the 1980’s, after her death, in the attic of their family home. Please join us as we look at the amazing journey, and career, of a brilliant artist who had her humble beginnings right here – in Poughkeepsie.

Event fee :$15 Resident $20 Non Resident

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