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A multi-media art exhibition that invites and explores the art of the road.  Experience a get-away to worlds and people you’ve never know, as seen through the eyes of 16 remarkable artists:  Laura Martinez-Bianco, Patricia Collins Broun, Glen Datres, Gabrielle A. Dearborn, Viorel Fluoresce, Ruth Geneslaw, Karen E. Gersch, Ron Hershey, Reni Lorry, Linda Lynton, Barbara Masterson, Simon Narborough, Fran Sutherland, Marlene Wiedenbaum, Mia Wolff and Trisha Wright.  Curated by Karen E. Gersch.  Open every Sat. and Sun. from 10/2 – 11/14, except for 10/17 and 11/7.

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