GOSHEN, NY – Orange County Arts Council will receive $40,000 from Orange County Government to support their mission to promote and foster the arts. These funds will bolster educational programs, cultural events, public art projects and serve as an economic generator throughout the county.

County Executive Steve Neuhaus states, “County Executive Steve Neuhaus stated, “Tourism is a strong and growing industry in Orange County and the arts are an important part of that.  I look forward to continuing our economic growth and enhancing the quality of life across Orange County.” Alan Sorensen, Orange County Planning Commissioner, also played a key role in securing the funds for OCAC.

Orange County Arts Council board president Janet Howard-Fatta stated, “It is our mission to support and empower artists, as well as promote access to the arts through educational programs, cultural events and public projects that are integral to the economic development and collective well-being of our community.”

Despite COVID-19’s negative impact on county funding during 2020, OCAC’s many programs offered a lifeline to struggling artists as well as public cultural opportunities. Virtual artist support consultations, studio visits, panel discussions, live music series, summer camp and even an online gala help sustain OCAC’s mission through challenging times. An arts auction and holiday marketplace enabled artists to sell their works online the arts council’s website. And, of course, a dedicated roster of volunteers helped to make all this successful.

OCAC will use these funds to continue their programming as well as invest in new initiatives. Two upcoming projects are public arts and an online marketplace, “Orange Made Goods.” Details for both will be announced shortly.

For more information regarding Orange County Arts Council, its programs and initiatives, or how you can support this organization and become a member, please visit their website at www.ocartscouncil.org.