Orange County Arts Council is proud to present Orange Made Goods: an online marketplace featuring a range of unique, high quality, locally crafted luxury items created by the Hudson Valley’s finest makers. Orange Made Goods Marketplace is an interwoven partnership between makers, customers, and the arts community.

During the COVID shutdowns of 2020, our creative community struggled.  Individual sales were down and makers were closing their shops. The publicly-funded Community Arts Grants weren’t receiving their typical donations, and the creative programs that rely on these funds suffered. Seeing the impact of the pandemic, we questioned how we could work together to create a more resilient, sustainable arts community around us?

Orange Made Goods is the solution.  Each sale generates profit for individual makers and supports local creative programs by procuring funds for the Community Arts Grants.


Phase I of creating Orange Made Goods is a kickstarter campaign used as a pilot market.

We have partnered with Orange County artisan makers, community organizations, and volunteers to help generate awareness for this project. This kickstarter is a crucial launching point in creating a sustainable online marketplace for makers throughout our region and connecting their products to a national audience.

By making a pledge, YOU get to be part of the solution. Your “pledge” will act as a pre-order from a variety of handcrafted goods which will be shipped directly to your mailbox at the end of the 30 day campaign.

Minimum Goal: $7,500  Will allow us to get “Orange Made Goods” marketplace up and running.

Goal: $15,000 This allows us to pay for web hosting, domain, technical fees, outreach, art and design, cover makers costs and curatorial fee.

Stretch Goal: $20,000 Will allow us to get the Orange Made Goods to a national audience through professional marketing and branding efforts.


Interested in participating as a maker or investing in this campaign? Email