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Once you pay this fee, you will be emailed a google form from Eventbrite to submit your play to. Please follow these guidlines when submitting:

* The play should be approximately ten-minutes in length. (Not more than ten-minutes)

* The play must have no more than five on-stage (speaking and non-speaking) characters.

* You may submit only one play, so send us your best! Please do not make more than one submission.

* The play should be in a “play format” making it easy for the readers.

* We like 12-point, easy to read fonts, such as Times New Roman or Arial

* The play must be unpublished and not have been produced at the time of submission. We screen for this, so don’t send us your play if it has been produced. (Staged readings are not counted as “produced.”)

** The play should have simple technical requirements. There will not be a set — a few props only — we only have about one minute in between plays to change scenes ONLY PLAYS SUBMITTED EXACTLY AS OUTLINED BELOW WILL BE ACCEPTED.

* Upload TWO PDF Files:

1. Upload a complete copy of play for the judges with NO contact information on the title page: just the title of the play.

2. Upload a second copy of the complete copy of the play with your contact information.* Please include the title of your play in the file name. For example: – My Play-.pdf –

Upload the files to the google submission form emailed to you only.