Virtual Studio Visit: Michael Piotrowski

Virtual Studio Visit: Michael Piotrowski Thursday, August 19th, 5pm Michael Piotrowski is a Painter/Printmaker residing in Middletown, NY with a Studio in

Virtual Studio Visit: Michael Piotrowski2021-02-24T12:53:13-05:00

Middletown Makers Market

This free local event will showcase various regional vendors in the Hudson Valley who "make things happen". This pop up event is

Middletown Makers Market2021-06-10T10:00:19-04:00

Virtual Studio Visit: David Lionheart – Newburgh, NY

As a mixed media artist David Lionheart uses his keen sense of depth and spatial awareness to create abstract works, enhanced by color and texture. He employs a variety of unexpected materials to create layers of dimension, including oil paints, spray paints, and industrial materials, which results in a sculptural quality in his canvas and wood pieces. In his large-scale compositions, he demonstrates a unique understanding in the power of movement over a canvas, versus representing a specific subject. This creates a powerful suggestive journey that walks the viewer over every square inch of the piece.

Virtual Studio Visit: David Lionheart – Newburgh, NY2021-05-12T14:41:38-04:00

Open Call for Artists + Hosts

Terrain Biennial Newburgh is an exhibition of art installations hosted on front yards, porches, windows, and building facades throughout the city, free

Open Call for Artists + Hosts2021-05-18T20:56:02-04:00

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