“Partnering with the Orange County Arts Council to bring the Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camp to the Newburgh JCC this fall has been a wonderful expression of young artists at a time when building community is more important than ever. The pilot program is ramping up thanks to a word-of-mouth campaign that highlights both the beautiful art house at Newburgh JCC and the outstanding talent brought to us through the Orange County Arts Council. It’s a perfect partnership and we’re proud to host.” 

Stefanie Kostenblatt, Executive Director , Newburgh JCC

“The Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camps were a great opportunity for my daughters to interact and engage with other children and especially become inspired by the host artists willing to share their background and creativity with the groups. It was a nice distraction from the challenges of COVID-19 and also planted seeds of how they could continue to create and be artists themselves. I was really impressed with the free art supply kits as well. It really helped make it burden-free to participate and made the the girls really proud to have “real” art supplies. Thank you so much for this opportunity!” -Jennifer Rawlison, Parent of child participating in Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camp

Jennifer Rawlison, Parent of child participating in Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camp
A ray of sunshine pierced the somber clouds of the Covid-19 pandemic when the Orange County Arts Council switched their April 2020 visit to my studio from actual to virtual. Sarah McKay, Gretchen Weerheim, and Artist Outreach program director Janet Howard Fatta did great work organizing, publicizing, and hosting the event. Zoom did away with geographic limitations and people who normally could not have attended were able to participate. The result: In addition to many friends and neighbors, the Arts Council’s virtual studio visit attracted people from as far away as Florida, Utah, Oregon, and Spain. There were so many signups that we exceeded Zoom’s limits and had to repeat the event the following week. Thank you, Orange County Arts Council.
Jonathan Talbot, Professional Artist

“The Orange County Arts Council has been an invaluable resource for my professional and personal development as an artist and entrepreneur.  Through OCAC, I’ve connected with people and organizations that allow me to provide art education to Orange County youths and I’ve met amazing people that have become friends and speakers in my “DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO? the AGRISCULPTURE Community Lecture Series.”  I’ve hired arts lawyers I met through OCAC to Trademark my arts business AGRISCULPTURE, and other outside companies have found and hired me through OCAC for various sculpture projects.  Through the truly art focused community Orange County Arts Council creates, I’ve been able to both give and receive… a sustainable model within a vibrant arts atmosphere… who could ask for more?!” Amy Lewis Sweetman, Professional Artist

“I’m thankful & grateful to the Orange County Arts Council for their support of Music for Humanity.  The Arts Council instinctively knows that by sharing life’s abundance we all benefit.  If you’re involved in creating music, art, theatre, film – anything that helps build the invisible bridges that connect our hearts, then you want the Arts Council on your team.  The Orange County Arts Council is truly an outstanding organization. Join them today – you’ll benefit.”Barry Adelman, Music for Humanity

“Membership to the Orange County Arts Council has been a tremendous resource for me as an artist. I have made connections, experienced synchronicity and further developed relationships that have fostered my creative life both professionally and personally. By supporting this organization with membership, I am a part of fostering the arts here, in this region for my whole family.” Janet Howard Fatta, Board Chair, Professional Artist

“I’ve been a member of OCAC for about 5 years, and I feel like it’s a home base for my essential need to get my work out into the community, and to be a part of such a solid organization. For about two years now, I haven’t been able to do a lot with my art and involvement with OCAC due to the knee replacements and another surgery I’ve had, but I know they are there for me when I’m done with “RE-Hab”.  I cannot wait to be back in the swing of things. Thanks for your patience and keeping me in the loop! Anyone lucky enough to be a member needs to count their blessings that there are so many incredible opportunities to thrive as an artist!Kat Strickland, Artist

“I think the classes were very nice, we loved the activities, they were lovely. I really love my sketch pad and ink!” Marta Vazquez, age 10, Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camp participant

“They were very fun classes, I hope we can take more!” Nicole Vazquez, age 7, Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camp participant

“Thank you for organizing this camp it was amazing both my elementary and high schooler kids enjoyed it. They are looking forward to another one and hopefully you can organize again this year. If you can also host any contests for the kids as it would encourage them more. Like New York times has a summer reading contest so Orange County Arts could have a drawing contest for different age groups. Thank you again. “– Chandyok/Nini Kaur, Parent

“My son, James had such a wonderful time with the Jarrett Markel Creativity Boot Camp this summer. He always worries about making mistakes and his concerns were quickly elevated when the first thing that came out of instructor, Heidi Lanino’s mouth was, “I want to see all your mistakes”. I cannot say enough about all three of his wonderful art instructors. Amy Sweetman taught him in a few classes and the one that he enjoyed the most was making paper Totem poles, and using his “spirit animal”. Martin Domiguez Ball was also outstanding. Not only did his own work, that he shared with the children, leave them jaw dropping, but the time he spent explaining little details made him even more endearing. For example, on one project they made an according book which required some measuring. One of the children had not done much measuring and he went into a great deal of detail explaining how to find an inch on a ruler and drew a big picture for them to understand how to find a half inch, etc. I hope this program will continue next summer and possibly other times during the year. Thank you for all the art instructors and Sarah McKay for organizing this great program. It definitely was one of the most joyful camps he attended! ” Warm regards – Elise Lee, Parent

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